Year 12 vs Year 13 Football Match

With the objective of fostering community spirit and unity, we hosted our first event: The Year 12 vs Year 13 Football Match, a vision that we’ve wanted to realize for quite a while. Over 12 weeks, I led the organization of the event together with HENOSIS member Dex op den Camp, all the way from brainstorming on the vision, pitching the project to our athletics coordinator, acquiring the resources available, mobilizing the production team, marketing the project and finally its actual realization.

A project that wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the heads of communication David Farla & Bruno Wolf Pinto, as well as other members of HENOSIS and of our local community.

For me, it successfully demonstrated the strength of togetherness, and evokes quite the nostalgia even now as I write about it.


Pre-match Interviews

As part of the promotion for the event, we organized pre-match interviews with the managers/captains of the teams:


We also, courtesy of the heads of communication, produced a trailer as part of the promotion for the event

Matchday // Dec. 2 2021

The project was a success, gathering over 60 members of the community and fostering this aforementioned spirit of togetherness.

Shortly thereafter, we released the trailer for the match

and finally, as quite the christmas gift, we released the video of the match. I’ve included the highlights below, but if you’re now very invested (which is hopefully the case), then feel free to watch the full match here.

Finally, we also published a few pictures