Walk of Hope The Hague

A walk in the spirit of unity and oneness, that was the Walk of Hope here in The Hague. It gathered over 1000 students during the first walk in 2017, and over 1500 students during the second walk in 2018, both walking from the International School of The Hague to The Peace Palace. On both occasions, 3000 euros were raised for the students of the Satsang Vidyalaya charity school in India.

I provided my support by creating and maintaining the website during both walks, as well as speaking on the Walk of Hope’s mission in one of our videos for the 2017 Walk, also featuring the founder of the Walk of Hope in India, Sri M, and the United Nations Under-Secretary-General, Mr. Adama Dieng. This was my first experience as part of the Walk of Hope, and our mission has continued to inspire me ever since.

2017 Walk of Hope The Hague

2018 Walk of Hope The Hague