Walk Challenge

COVID lockdown was a significant obstruction, but we needed to find a remote solution to hosting the Walk of Hope this year. I led the project, moderating our brainstorming sessions on alternatives to a physical walk, actively listening to team members, synthesizing our ideas to stimulate further discussion. Eventually, the glimmers in team members’ eyes started appearing as we reached a collective vision: the Walk Challenge, a walk on social media. We delegated tasks, different members of the team taking care of different parts of the project, working together for the next 12 weeks to bring this idea to life.

April 2021, participants globally walked over 400km in the spirit of #sharingtheprivilege, raising awareness for students that lack access to education and a thousand euros for a charity school, the project was a success. In our collective pursuit and realization of positive change we fostered an environment of excitement and compassion, forging this unbreakable bond that evoked a unique, intangible feeling of interconnectedness. For me, beyond the number of global participants and funds raised, it is this feeling of common humanity that makes this project successful, and continues to inspire us all.

Promotional Video

Animated by David Farla & Skander Lejmi

Event Highlight Video

Animated/edited by David Farla & Skander Lejmi

Speaking at Dutch Buzz Radio Interview

Here are a few of the participants from the walkofhope.nl instagram: