Struggles of Covid-19 Live

In the word ‘leadership’, the part ‘ship’ is of more relevance than the word ‘leader’. We’re all in the same boat of humanity.

Youssef Mahmoud, Former United Nations Under Secretary General @HENOSIS X Walk of Hope Live Event

In partnership with the Walk of Hope Foundation, we organized this live event with Youssef Mahmoud. Together, we decided that the live event should be in the format of an interactive dialogue, as opposed to an interview.

Organizing the live event was exciting as it created an opportunity for our community to engage with a former UN Under Secretary General. I was the focal point with the former USG, and moderated the interactions during the live, also contributing my own insights. The dialogue was very insightful and with valuable contributions from all participants, it was a success. 

Live Event: Oct. 14, 2020