Model United Nations

MUN has also been a formative part of my secondary school experience. Since 2017, I have participated in 15 MUN conferences, respectively representing all the P5s in the Security Council, chairing 4 committees and running several delegate and chair workshops. I often gave students guidance as I chaired the mock MUN at our school every Thursday. Unfortunately, due to COVID, many of the larger-scale MUN conferences in our vicinity were cancelled. That being said, it was the source of inspiration for EMUN (Electronic Model United Nations), as can be seen on this page

ICC Prosecutor @MUNISH 2019

Most pertinent MUN Positions

  • HAGAMUN – 2019 – China, Security Council
  • MUNISH – 2019 – Prosecution, ICC (case won)
  • THIMUN – 2020 – UK, Security Council
  • HagaMUN – 2020 – President of G20
  • COMUN – 2020 – President of the General Assembly
  • EMUN – 2020 – Deputy Secretary General External
  • MUNISH – 2021 – President of the Advisory Panel on The Question of Muslim Uyghurs
1st MUN (2017) vs 7th MUN (2019) with bestfriend/brother

Insights on me in MUN from friends