Moving on to university, we wish to make HENOSIS an international movement and association, and I am very excited to collaborate with the ambitious visionaries I am certain to find at your university, so that together we can further our initiative and increase our positive impact as citizens of the world

Project Overview

HENOSIS, (unity in Greek), is a youth-led non-profit association aiming at empowering the Youth to embrace individuality by organizing enriching, inclusive and inspiring events as well as insightful dialogue. This provides a healthy platform for all, and allows the youth to unite in order to have more of a voice in current global affairs, beyond just ticking the box of ‘youth representation’.

My Contributions

Hit by a surge of inspiration as I reflected on my year in the summer of 2020, I founded the organization, spent hours determining the best possible structure, brought on board important partners (e.g. Walk of Hope), inspired and selected admirable people to the right positions. I managed 32 members; Together we managed over 15 projects. I learned a lot: on leadership, on the ability to delegate, communicate and empower more. I was also enlightened by the catalyst of unity in enacting positive change. It has been and continues to be a formative experience in my life, and has created memories that I will cherish forever.

Beautiful beginnings

After gathering all of the talented, unique individuals I believed embodied the mission of HENOSIS, we brainstormed on how to initiate the project and make it known. The outcome was a public launch at our school, accompanied with a social media launch. Here was the launch video David Farla and I animated


Though the lockdown due to the pandemic was quite a difficult obstruction that resulted in the cancellation of many of our initiatives, we still persevered throughout it and managed to complete a multitude of projects. I have featured the most interesting of our projects here