Diversity in Musical Expression

As part of the Just Peace Month in 2021, we partnered up with the Walk of Hope Foundation as well as TTYMedia in order to create

Towards Peace: Diversity in Musical Expression

A livestream consisting of different artists performing a few pieces, followed by short interviews where they provide their insights on the notion of peace.

I led this project, from its conception and initiation in the summer of 2021 to its realization on October 20th of 2021. I played a key role in identifying partners, venue, artists, in fundraising and co-hosting this insightful and inspiring event broadcast on the official Hague Just Peace platform. 

Working together with TTYMedia and all of the people present during the filming evoked that same feeling of interconnectedness that continues to inspire me.

This was one of the projects we had that was hit hard by COVID, as we initially wanted a live set of physical performances, but as COVID regulation increased in The Netherlands, this was no longer possible. But we persevered, changing the format, and producing an event that still had an impact

Event Trailer

Livestream // October 20, 2021

Insights on me from partner in project