Speaking for HENOSIS and The Walk of Hope
@ the JustPeaceMonth 2021


I am a first-year LSE student currently pursuing a BSc in Economics. This is my personal website to further detail my extracurricular activities as well as provide some insights on who I am from members of my community. I hope you enjoy it!

HENOSIS, meaning ‘unity’ in Greek, was my most recent venture that spanned over two years. I gathered over 35 student team members and lead a multitude of projects ranging from a live discussion on intergenerational co-leadership with a former UN under-secretary general to a ‘walk challenge’ initiative where individuals walked over 400km globally to raise funds for a charity school ran on donations in India.

I have just founded an LSESU-approved student society operating at LSE, UCL and KCL called OUTTHEBOX (OTB) with the mission of inspiring and empowering the youth to pursue their true aspirations, featuring an array of events ranging from interactive intellectual discussions with public speakers (e.g. Wim Hof) to social events to promote student initiatives (e.g. movie premieres, live gigs, DJ nights).

As for my academics, my Internal Baccalaureate score was 43/45, which is equivalent to a 3.82/4.00 GPA.

PS: Please have a look using the navigation above. I’m really thankful that you are taking the time to look at this additional information 🙂